Friday Photos–Cats in Odd Places

People who own cats, or shall I say, are owned by cats, know felines have the ability to get comfortable in strange places.

Here’s a few examples–

Shorty in pan


Shorty sleeping on the wooden bookcase

Shorty, laying around and hanging out

Mandy on tv

Mandy, on tv!

P. Booher


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Friday Photos–Natural Sculptures

While walking in the woods behind our house several years ago, I was struck by the shapes and lines of these trees. They brought out some “art appreciation” in me, and I snapped some pictures.

Tree Shapes in the Woods

Artistic Shapes and Lines

Along the Burma Trail

Looking Over Across the Creek

House Boulder in the Fall

I call this boulder the “House Boulder”.  I’m sure several creatures live in its shelter!

All photos by author.

©P. Booher


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Friday Photos–More Flowers, More Colors

While the winter in my area hasn’t been a particularly bad one, it’s been long. If you, like me, are ready for more color, enjoy these photos of flowers, to add to last week’s collection, here. This week’s photos are from a nature park I visited one summer several years ago.

Patches of ColorMasses of FlowersFormal Rose Garden in Park

A Beautiful Spot for Contemplation


P. Booher

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Rootbound — GraceSpeak

God cares more about our character than about our comfort. -Rick Warren I have been repotting plants that are long overdue for new places to live, so the term rootbound is heavy on my mind (and back). Plants become rootbound when they are left in one pot too long. The roots continue to grow, and […]

via Rootbound — GraceSpeak

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April 15, 2019 · 8:02 pm

Friday Photos–Spring Flowers

Red Trillium


Trillium grows in moist areas in woodlands. Around here it occurs in patches–where you see one, you see another close by. Sometimes the flowers are red; sometimes they are white. They brighten the otherwise green or brown surroundings.



I think of daffodils as “sunshine on a stem”. I brought some into the house to liven up a corner.


Hyacinths all in a row

Purple Crocuses

Crocuses, a sure sign of spring

All photos by author.

If you’d like more info. on trilliums, check out:

©P. Booher





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Friday Photos–Cats in the Country

Here are some “family photos” I thought cat lovers might enjoy seeing.

Black Kitty

Black Kitty, a feral cat who finally adapted to living inside

Pumpkin, Up Close and Personal

Pumpkin, on the swing beside me

Shorty cooling it

Shorty, in a very casual pose, beside his brother Pumpkin. Shorty looked pudgy, but he was all muscle, not fat.

Steffy, a portrait

Steffy, who didn’t come inside until she was six, but adapted well.

P. Booher

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The Abby Chronicles–Abby Goes to the Kitty Doctor (Round 2)


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter XI

I went to the kitty doctor today. I’ve been sneezing and my humans decided I should go to the vet’s. So my humans put me in the carrier and the carrier and me in the car, the car said, “Vroom!” and off we went.

The vet and her assistant were very nice, particularly since they kept putting treats on the table.  Believe me, I kept eating them, too! They were lip-smacking good! (Last time I wrote about being at the vet’s, I forgot to tell you they gave me treats.) I really like that vet. Continue reading

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Friday Photos–More Bonsai and Palms, with Ferns too

Enjoy some more photos from the flower show my friend and I attended.

I saw examples of God’s creative flourishes over and over, in the bright colors of flowers, in the subdued, but lush, beautiful greenery of the bonsai, palms and ferns, in the various patterns of bark on the bushes and trees. His creativity spilled over to the way men prune and shape the bonsai (often to reflect the way trees grow in the wild), and the way the flowers, bushes, and trees are displayed at the show. One manifestation of creativity inspires another. I never expected to see such lessons at a flower show, but I did.

Third Bonsai

Author Photo

Second Bonsai at Phipps

Author Photo

Lrg. Bonsai Tree

Author Photo

More Palms,2

Author Photo

Ferns at Phipps

Author Photo

If you are interested in learning more about bonsai, palms, and ferns, check these sites out:

P. Booher



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The Abby Chronicles–Abby “Guarding” Her Food


Here I am, ready to write my story!

Chapter X

This is Abby’s secretary. I am taking over The Abby Chronicles for today. I sneaked a photo of Abby guarding her food to post.


I’ll make sure NOBODY takes my food!

P. Booher



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When I Want to Have a Temper Tantrum

Increasingly I’ve heard life described as a journey. Also, more and more I’ve read that it doesn’t matter so much what happens to me as the way I react to it.  If I put those two ideas together, it means my journey can be smoother than it might be otherwise, or rougher than it has to be, depending on the choices I make.

The day’s journey can be rowdy; as when (or if) I make myself loud, obnoxious, insist that I am right, and demand my own way. In other words, I have a temper tantrum. In so doing, I show I don’t care about anyone else. It’s guaranteed I will make the day  difficult  for cashiers, sales clerks and anyone else around. Those people will, with justification, call me loud, obnoxious and concerned only with myself, and they will be exceedingly glad to see me leave. Do I really want to be like that??

Or, the day’s journey can be pleasant, sweeter for myself and others, if I make my point in a calm, reasonable way, without yelling, screaming, stomping my feet, shoving, or calling anyone foul names; if I handle the decision of those whom I appeal to with politeness and grace, remembering that there is Someone to whom I am accountable when my life’s journey here on earth ends.

It’s my choice; which do I choose?

Prayer: Dear Lord, when I would love to throw a fit because I am so sure I’m right (even though there’s a chance I could be wrong), have mercy on me. Let me see Your perspective, and then my brain can work before my ego, emotions, and mouth. Thank You. In Jesus’ name.

©P. Booher


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